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What do I need to know before coming?

Please plan to show up at least 10 minutes early to check in, get your equipment ready, ask any questions, etc. We'll help you get set up on your simulator, or you can spend a little time on our putting green before your round.


It's important to note that clean shoes and clubs are ESSENTIAL to keeping the simulators working well for everyone. Please ensure your shoes and clubs are good to go before playing. We can even store your clubs for you. 

How long can I play?

We are proud to offer golf in half-hour increments to accommodate your schedule, and you can play anytime we're open!  We can even extend your round if you want to keep playing and a simulator is open. Please be mindful of the time. Just like outdoor golf relies on keeping a pace and being on time, we count on everyone to keep their play on time to ensure all players enjoy their full round.

What's your food and drink policy?

We keep a small concession stand with snacks and drinks available for purchase. We'd also be happy to arrange food from our neighboring Sunrise restaurants. Players are also welcome to bring their own food and beverage. 

Can I reserve a specific simulator?

When you book online or by phone you are welcome to request a specific simulator. Most of the time we can accommodate your request. There may be circumstances, however, where we need to set up your round on another simulator instead. If playing on a specific simulator is important to you, please make note of it when you book your tee time, and we'll do our best to honor that.

How many people can play at a time?

Like most simulators, ours can accommodate a single, a pair or a small group. The great news is that our rate stays the same, no matter how many players join your round. When you book please tell us if others will be joining your round so we can make sure to check everyone in efficiently.

Do you rent your facility?

We welcome your large group or special event. Please call us at 333-1331 to talk details and ensure a great event.

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