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Our mission is to provide a learning environment to assist in the development of golfers aspiring to play at "their" next level.

Mission Statement

Wyoming golf must be a year-round sport if our kids are going to compete on a national or regional level. WGA will allow for year-round improvement, nothing worse than starting over every spring.

Why Wyoming Golf Academy (WGA)

* Simulator Time

>12 hours simulator time per month included

>Any extra hours at a reduced rate

>Golf bag mapping

>Range time

>Course time

>Short Game

*Full Swing Camera

>4 hours per month on integrated camera and swing set-up

>Cameras are integrated into the swing software

2 camera angles, down the line and facing

>Personalized instruction during this time to better understand the numbers and how the camera view and numbers get to results on the course

*Playing Privileges

>Paradise Valley CC

>Working on playing privileges for one other course in Casper as well. TBD

*Club Storage at Casper Indoor Golf

*Total Value = $7,960

>WGA Program Cost = $1,250 1-year 

>$2,500 for 3 – Year Commitment 

Other Values

*Part of a golf team, help push each other

>Players helping players in tournaments, practice rounds, how to practice, game play philosophy.

>Play with and against the best golfers around the state.

*Help with tournament scheduling

>What are the best tournaments to play in for your ability level. Making sure our tournament golfers are getting pushed in competition

*College recruiting

>Work inside a recruiting network to gain recognition

Golf Coaching Philosophy:

WGA is not just about swing instruction. In fact, most of our players will have separate swing coaches. We will work to use our indoor facility with top rated simulators and swing monitors to help players understand their swing and how to make changes to impact their play. We will work on 3 aspects of a swing: 

Stance/Set Up Position (every great swing starts with the correct, fundamental set- up),

Grip ( absolutely crucial),  Impact Position (all the bets golfers have an exceptional impact position, which greatly reduces right/left misses).

We will work to give players an opportunity to continue their improvement during the off-season then use that development to impact their game on the golf course.

To Register:


Request a registration form and ask questions

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