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In 2020, after 23 years with Coca-Cola, Mike Neuman decided to "retire" to a new adventure. With the help of son Mikey, they launched Casper Indoor Golf.  No stranger to the game, Mike had already been teaching and volunteering in golf programs at a local golf course and a high school for over a decade. All 5 of his kids shared a love for the game:  Briele, Ruben, and Aubree played in junior programs, Mikey went on to play in high school as well, and son Austin was part of 3 state championship and 4 national event teams. 


Mike himself continues to enjoy the game after decades of play, always working to enjoy and perfect his game. And what better way to do that than by extending the season and making it an all-year possibility? Whether it's recreational or competitive golf, we all know the season in Wyoming is just too short. So Casper Indoor Golf gives players the opportunity to make golf a year-round sport without traveling far from home.  When the wind is blowing 50 MPH or the thermometer advertises a bitterly cold -30 degrees, Casper golfers can continue to play in a comfortable, casual and controlled environment.

Accomplished players can come in to hit some of the best golf courses around the world, joining tournaments, league play, golf with a buddy or some individual play. But for those who want the opportunity to get some basic instruction and improve their game before hitting the links in the summer, lessons are also available - all in a comfortable and personal setting. Mike's passion for teaching and playing the game of golf is obvious from the moment you walk into the facility at Sunrise Shopping Center.  And that means a more enjoyable experience for you, whether you're learning, growing or mastering your game; whether you're in it to win it or just want to swing the clubs over a short lunch. We can accommodate it all and we're here to serve. 


Editor's Note:  Mike feels compelled to share a special “THANK YOU” with his family for their support in helping Dad live out his dream.

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